Episode #15 – Rushi

Who says you can’t successfully design an abstract game? Definitely not our latest guest. In episode 15, we speak with Danny Zondervan, the designer of the upcoming game, Rushi.

During our discussion, we chat about why the next game you design should be purely abstract (if you’re strong enough), the importance of double and triple checking everything before clicking the launch button, and why you just can’t afford to become attached to your new game design. We play the Game Design Challenge and create what is perhaps the most Ameritrash game in history.

Check out the Rushi campaign page on Kickstarter:

You can also connect with Danny on Board Game Geek.

Episode #14 – War of the Races

War of the Races

What is it about Elves and Orcs? Can’t they just get along for once? Not in episode 14 – that’s for sure. We speak with Brian Hermansen, the founder of Ultra Evil Studios, and one of the creators of the upcoming card game, Legends of Erathmor: War of the Races.

We have a frolicking discussion, chatting about why it’s so critical to enjoy the game design process, why being open and honest with your backers is best, and why it’s just as important to test your game’s name as it is to test the game’s mechanics. We play the Game Design Challenge and find ourselves at the queen’s command, battling stinging nettle.

Take a look at the War of the Races page on Kickstarter and see all the good things Ultra Evil Studios has got cooking:

You can also connect with Ultra Evil Studios on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and even Google Plus.

Episode #13 – Expedition


If there is one thing in D&D that is more terrifying than a tarrasque, it’s how long it takes to get through a game. By the time you’ve killed a handful of goblins, four hours have flown by, and it’s time to call it a game. But thankfully, there’s now an app for that.

In episode 13, we speak with Todd Medema, the founder of Fabricate IO and the creator of the upcoming roleplaying system, Expedition.

We discuss the importance of streamlining gameplay, why it’s so important to listen to your backers, and why it’s so important to ignore your backers. We play the Game Design Challenge and wind up with a dungeon crawler… under water.

Head on over to the Expedition project page on Kickstarter and show your support:

You can also learn more about Expedition (and try the game for free) on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Board Game Geek.

Episode #12 – Snowblind


It’s 70 degrees below zero, half your crew are dead, and a severe storm is headed your way. But will you give up? Of course not – you’re out to prove God and country. In episode 12, we speak with Robert van Zyl & Simon McGregor of Pleasant Company Games and the designers behind the upcoming game Snowblind.

We discuss why computer scientists make great board game designers, how the game Ancient Terrible Things was almost launched as an RPG, and why too much game balancing can actually render a game not all that fun. We play the Game Design Challenge and find ourselves in a very, very dark play.

Get on over to the Snowblind page on Kickstarter, before your chance to back it is gone:

You can also connect with Pleasant Company Games on their website, Twitter and Board Game Geek.

Episode #11 – Crown of Exile

Crown of Exile

The king is dead and lesser nobles are scrambling to fill the void. In episode 11, we speak with Michael Kanarek, the founder of Aviary Games, and the designers behind the game Crown of Exile.

We discuss how Twilight Struggle is a great, but not terribly fun game, how to encourage euro-gamers to flip the table, and how Kickstarter has spoiled Latin for the rest of us. Mike plays the Game Design Challenge and creates a game themed around bed and breakfasts (and not ravaging hordes).

Give a look at the Crown of Exile Kickstarter page:

You can also connect with Aviary Games on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Episode #10 – Zephyr


Who hasn’t dreamt of flying through the skies in a post-apocalyptic world? In episode 10, we speak with Aaron Kluck and Jon Mietling, the founders of Portal Dragon, and the designers behind the game, Zephyr: Winds of Change.

We chat about what board games can learn from their video game cousins, how to design a coop game that prevents quarterbacking, and why Magic the Gathering just isn’t quite geeky enough. We play the Game Design Challenge and work up a game around breaking up both asteroids and relationships.

Check out the Zephyr page at:

You can also connect with Portal Dragon on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Board Game Geek. Phew – that’s quite the list!

Episode #9 – Houdini’s Poutini

Houdini's Poutini

Houdini, a master of deception, intrigue, and Canadian Cusine? In episode 9, we speak with Andrew Stengele, the founder of Forced Perspective Entertainment, and one of the designers behind the game, Houdini’s Poutini.

During our conversation, we discuss why Cthulhu has jumped the shark, why optimizing Facebook ads is worth your time, and why testing (or in this case, cooking) your pledge rewards beforehand is a valuable endeavor. We play the Game Design Challenge, in which Andrew pitches the Transient Atlantic Railroad.

Check out the Houdini’s Poutini Kickstarter page at:


You can also connect with Forced Perspective Entertainment on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.