Episode #9 – Houdini’s Poutini

Houdini's Poutini

Houdini, a master of deception, intrigue, and Canadian Cusine? In episode 9, we speak with Andrew Stengele, the founder of Forced Perspective Entertainment, and one of the designers behind the game, Houdini’s Poutini.

During our conversation, we discuss why Cthulhu has jumped the shark, why optimizing Facebook ads is worth your time, and why testing (or in this case, cooking) your pledge rewards beforehand is a valuable endeavor. We play the Game Design Challenge, in which Andrew pitches the Transient Atlantic Railroad.

Check out the Houdini’s Poutini Kickstarter page at:


You can also connect with Forced Perspective Entertainment on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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