Episode #11 – Crown of Exile

Crown of Exile

The king is dead and lesser nobles are scrambling to fill the void. In episode 11, we speak with Michael Kanarek, the founder of Aviary Games, and the designers behind the game Crown of Exile.

We discuss how Twilight Struggle is a great, but not terribly fun game, how to encourage euro-gamers to flip the table, and how Kickstarter has spoiled Latin for the rest of us. Mike plays the Game Design Challenge and creates a game themed around bed and breakfasts (and not ravaging hordes).

Give a look at the Crown of Exile Kickstarter page:

You can also connect with Aviary Games on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. I hope you enjoy the show. Let me know if you have any suggested topics or projects to get on the show.

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