Episode #13 – Expedition


If there is one thing in D&D that is more terrifying than a tarrasque, it’s how long it takes to get through a game. By the time you’ve killed a handful of goblins, four hours have flown by, and it’s time to call it a game. But thankfully, there’s now an app for that.

In episode 13, we speak with Todd Medema, the founder of Fabricate IO and the creator of the upcoming roleplaying system, Expedition.

We discuss the importance of streamlining gameplay, why it’s so important to listen to your backers, and why it’s so important to ignore your backers. We play the Game Design Challenge and wind up with a dungeon crawler… under water.

Head on over to the Expedition project page on Kickstarter and show your support:

You can also learn more about Expedition (and try the game for free) on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Board Game Geek.

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