Episode #14 – War of the Races

War of the Races

What is it about Elves and Orcs? Can’t they just get along for once? Not in episode 14 – that’s for sure. We speak with Brian Hermansen, the founder of Ultra Evil Studios, and one of the creators of the upcoming card game, Legends of Erathmor: War of the Races.

We have a frolicking discussion, chatting about why it’s so critical to enjoy the game design process, why being open and honest with your backers is best, and why it’s just as important to test your game’s name as it is to test the game’s mechanics. We play the Game Design Challenge and find ourselves at the queen’s command, battling stinging nettle.

Take a look at the War of the Races page on Kickstarter and see all the good things Ultra Evil Studios has got cooking:

You can also connect with Ultra Evil Studios on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and even Google Plus.

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