Episode #8 – Yakitori


Hungry? Nothing quite fills a stomach like Japanese street food… and lasers? In episode 8, we speak with Christopher Urinko, the founder of Daft Concepts, and the manufacturer of the game, Yakitori.

We discuss lasers, why Settlers of Catan is such a popular gateway game, why game designers should always start with the theme, and why working directly with the manufacturer can be so beneficial… and did I mention lasers? We conclude with the game design challenge, with Chris’s rendition of Competing Haunted Houses.

Listen to the podcast below, or watch the extended interview on the Your Table’s on Fire! Youtube channel. Chris is full of ancient Japanese wisdom and knows more about lasers than any man save Luke Skywalker.


Check out the Yakitori Kickstarter page at:


You can also connect with Daft Concepts on Facebook and Twitter.

Episode #7 – Kettou


Itching to slice your friends in half? Well, now you can. In episode 7, we speak with Thomas Song, one of the founders of Table Forged LLC, and the designer of the upcoming samurai reflex game, Kettou.

We discuss the dramatic (and sometimes unfortunate) changes to Kickstarter in the past few years, keeping games sufficiently challenging, and why every game has been done before. And of course, we conclude with the game design challenge – Park Rangers.

Check out the Kettou Kickstarter page at:


You can also connect with Table Forged on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.