Episode #19 – Detective Bulls*%$!

Detective Bulls*#$!

What do you get when you mix one part Clue, two parts Cards Against Humanity, and a truckload of storytelling antics? A game so zany, we can’t even type out it’s name.

In episode 19, we chat with Rae Votta and Corey Lubowich, the founders of Tasty Penguin, and the creators of the upcoming card game, Detective Bulls*%$!

During our conversation, we discuss why you should never launch a Kickstarter campaign alone, why you should completely ignore other Kickstarter projects, and why penguins and other arctic birds actually taste a lot like salmon. We play the Game Design Challenge and find ourselves struggling not to be overcome by the dire state of our existence.

You can check out Detective Bulls*%$! on their Kickstarter page at:

You can also connect with Tasty Penguin on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Episode #18 – Hearts Blazing

Hearts Blazing

Out in deep space, surrounded by a hostile alien force, and already the ship’s power is fully extended just keeping life support online. How will you possibly survive? Why – with episode 18, of course!

In this episode, we speak with Glenn Given, one of the founders of Games by Play Date, and a creator of the upcoming storytelling game, Hearts Blazing.

During our discussion, we chat about the current shift in roleplaying systems, the importance of doing “the boring stuff”, and why oil-paintings of the Star Trek Enterprise are pretty much the coolest things on the planet. We play the Game Design Challenge which proves all too simple for a professional like Glenn.

You can check out Hearts Blazing on their Kickstarter page at:

You can also connect with Games by Play Date on their website and Twitter.

Episode #17 – Tak

Tak - A Beautiful Game

I looked down at the board. “The point isn’t to win?” I asked.

“The point,” Bredon said grandly, “is to play a beautiful game.” He lifted his hands and shrugged, his face breaking into a beatific smile. “Why would I want to win anything other than a beautiful game?”

In episode 17, we speak with James Ernest, the founder of Cheapass Games, and the creators of the upcoming abstract strategy game, Tak – based on Patrick Rothfuss’ seminal book, “The Wise Man’s Fear“.

We discuss the challenges of working with a world-renowned author, the value of rapid-prototyping game design, and the reason why you shouldn’t start a game design company unless you really don’t like designing games. We play the Game Design Challenge and create what is perhaps the most miserable game in all of creation.

You can check out Tak on their Kickstarter page at:

You can also connect with Cheapass Games on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Episode #16 – Great Scott!

Great Scott!

Inventors in the 19th century were a dime-a-dozen. If you really wanted to stand out from the crowd, you needed to create something using completely random cards drafted from a deck. In episode 16, we speak with Dave Clarke, the founder of Sinister Fish Games, and the creators of the upcoming party game, Great Scott!

During our chat, we discuss the difference between brain-storms and brain-cancer, the only question on a player feedback form worth its salt, and why mixing random words together may be the hot new game mechanic everyone is looking for. We play the Game Design Challenge and invent a game that mixes worker placement with digging up body parts.

Don’t waste another moment – hit up the Great Scott! Kickstarter page immediately, as they’ve only got a few more days left:

You can also connect with Sinister Fish on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and, for the visual learners among us, Instagram.