Episode #16 – Great Scott!

Great Scott!

Inventors in the 19th century were a dime-a-dozen. If you really wanted to stand out from the crowd, you needed to create something using completely random cards drafted from a deck. In episode 16, we speak with Dave Clarke, the founder of Sinister Fish Games, and the creators of the upcoming party game, Great Scott!

During our chat, we discuss the difference between brain-storms and brain-cancer, the only question on a player feedback form worth its salt, and why mixing random words together may be the hot new game mechanic everyone is looking for. We play the Game Design Challenge and invent a game that mixes worker placement with digging up body parts.

Don’t waste another moment – hit up the Great Scott! Kickstarter page immediately, as they’ve only got a few more days left:

You can also connect with Sinister Fish on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and, for the visual learners among us, Instagram.

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