Episode #22 – Dice of Crowns

Dice of Crowns

The old king is dead, but who will replace him? Only fate can decide! Will you make a play for the crown or focus instead on eliminating your opponents? In episode 22, we speak with Sean Epperson, one of the founders of Thing 12 Games, and Brander “Badger” Roullett, the designer of the quick-and-dirty dice game, Dice of Crowns.

During our conversation, we discuss why Munchkin is a terrible co-op game, why you should perfect the core mechanic of your game before adding anything else, and why an overnight success requires months of late night efforts before it launches. We play the Game Design Challenge and create a co-petitive game that uses magical powers to conduct bank heists.

You can check out Dice of Crowns on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Thing 12 Games on Twitter and Facebook.

Episode #21 – Cinema of Attractions

Cinema of Attractions

Nearly every time Hollywood tries to combine the big screen with the tabletop industry, it ends in disaster (I’m looking at you, Battleship). But there are some notable exceptions – like today’s guest! In episode 21, we speak with Gabriel Barboza, one of the founders of Cinelinx, and a designer of the film-focused party game Cinema of Attractions.

During our conversation, we discuss how the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” is an untapped game mechanic, how to capitalize on otherwise miserable 8-hour layover, and how the game design community is one of the most supportive communities you’ll ever find. We play the Game Design Challenge and go on a scavenger hunt through museum yard sales.

You can check out Cinema of Attractions on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Cinelinx on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Episode #20 – Sidekick Quests

Sidekick Quests

As congress fights over the dangers of gateway drugs, we focus on something even more exciting! A gateway game for the next generation of role players. In episode 20, we have a delightful chat with James Stowe, the designer and illustrator of the kid-friendly RPG (and comic), Sidekick Quests.

During our conversation, we talk about how to incorporate social stretch goals into your campaign to build your audience, how to leverage your designer network to build cross-promotion opportunities, and how to throw away hours of your life designing elaborate set pieces that your players completely skip over. We play the Game Design Challenge and save Christmas from those with poor dexterity.

You can check out Sidekick Quests on their Kickstarter page at:

You can also connect with Sidekick Quests on their website (where you can read the entire comic), Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. During our conversation, James also mentions the comic, Untold Tales of Bigfoot, which can also be found on Kickstarter.