Episode #21 – Cinema of Attractions

Cinema of Attractions

Nearly every time Hollywood tries to combine the big screen with the tabletop industry, it ends in disaster (I’m looking at you, Battleship). But there are some notable exceptions – like today’s guest! In episode 21, we speak with Gabriel Barboza, one of the founders of Cinelinx, and a designer of the film-focused party game Cinema of Attractions.

During our conversation, we discuss how the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” is an untapped game mechanic, how to capitalize on otherwise miserable 8-hour layover, and how the game design community is one of the most supportive communities you’ll ever find. We play the Game Design Challenge and go on a scavenger hunt through museum yard sales.

You can check out Cinema of Attractions on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Cinelinx on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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