Episode #23 – Rocky Road a la Mode

Rocky Road a la Mode

Summer is here. Time to dust off the ice cream truck and make some money. But like any business, if you don’t manage your time and resources effectively, you’ll find yourself in a sticky pile of melted dreams.

In episode 23, we chat with Jason Kotarski, the founders of Green Couch Games, and the publisher of the upcoming resource management game, Rocky Road a la Mode.

During our conversation, we discuss why great games fit in small packages, why you should never hit it out of the park during your first campaign, and why it’s so important to focus on moving forward – especially during the slow days of a campaign. We play the Game Design Challenge and release marionettes can be absolutely terrifying when they come off their strings.

You can check out Rocky Road a la Mode on its Kickstarter page at:

You can also connect with Green Couch Games on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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