Episode #25 – Race to the White House

Race to the White House

How many times have you said to yourself “Look at these chumps running for president. Put me up on stage – I’m sure I could do better than them!” Well, now’s your chance. In episode 25, we speak with Jamie Twiss, the founder of Bipartisan Games, and the creator of the upcoming political strategy game, Race to the White House.

During our chat, we discuss the board game renaissance of the late 90s, why any game can be boiled down to one of 8-10 basic game mechanics, and the hallmark of any great game. We play the Game Design Challenge and invent not just a secret-spy auction game, but a game about designing games as well.

You can check out Race to the White House on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Bipartisan Games on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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