Bonus Gen Con 2016 Episode

A very brief interview with Gareth Johnson at Gen Con 2016 about his upcoming RPG, Pythos.

Learn more about Pythos on his Kickstarter page at:

GenCon 2016

We’ll be at Gen Con all this week. We’re in the throws of scheduling with some current, future and past Kickstarter game designers, and will be posting bonus episode all week long as they come in. Keep an eye on our feed for all the fun.

Will you be at Gen Con? Swing by and say hi! We’ll be at booth 2844 (sharing with the amazing game designer, Tim Fowers). We’d love to meet you in person and hear about your experiences backing, playing and designing games for Kickstarter. We’ll see you there!

Episode #26 – Collectors and Capers

Collectors and Capers

If there is one attribute that makes a good crook, it’s this: you have to be crooked. Lying, stealing, cheating – that’s all in a day’s work. In episode 26, we speak with Trevor Harron, the founder of Blue Heron Games, and the creator of the upcoming bluffing / deduction game, Collectors and Capers.

During our conversation, we discuss why iteration is the name of the game in game design, why miserable jobs can provide all the inspiration necessary for your next great game, and why growing up without Hasbro’s influence can be a real win. We play the Game Design Challenge and develop a shell game that requires duct tape to play properly.

You can check out Collectors and Capers on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Blue Heron Games on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.