Episode #30 – Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web

Despite being one of the most celebrated authors of all times, there is one thing you need to know about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: he wasn’t all that great of an author. But that doesn’t keep us from falling in love with his lead character, Sherlock Holmes.

In this episode, we speak with Lucy Keifer, the daughter of famed game designer Jim Keifer, a founder of Keifer Arts, and one of the creators (along with her father) of the upcoming co-op deduction game, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web.

During our chat, we discuss what it’s like being raised in the game design industry, the true lesson Monopoly teaches us all, and advanced strategies for balancing a cooperative game (involving stuffed animals). We play the Game Design Challenge and create a bluffing game for dumping your family’s junk.

You can check out Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty’s Web on their Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/118555799/sherlock-holmes-and-moriartys-web

You can also connect with Keifer Arts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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