Episode #33 – Luminous Ages

In a world where reality is controlled by dreams, and dreams are controlled by dragons – the individual who controls the dragons reigns supreme. Will you unite with your friends to defeat the evil Mare alliance or compete head to head to become the one Dragon Master? In this episode, we speak with Anthony Christou, the artist and lead designer of the upcoming collectible card game, Luminous Ages.

During our discussion, we chat about building a foundation of game design through Legos, why every project should be a passion project, and why Donald Trump is ruining Gen Con for everyone. We play the Game Design Challenge wherein Anthony commits to publish his Alien Plants game just as soon as Luminous Ages funds (we’ve got it on tape).

You can check out Luminous Ages on Kickstarter at:

You can also learn more about Luminous Ages on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

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