Episode #35 – Dracula’s Feast

We’ve all been there – game time with the family and you need something a younger audience can get their head around. Do you reach for the latest Hasbro roll-and-move? Please, NO! In episode 35, we speak with Peter C. Hayward, the founder of Jellybean Games and the designer of the family-friendly hidden-role game, Dracula’s Feast, who shows us what it takes to design games for children, that adults still really enjoy!

During our conversation, we chat about creating a game with simple structure but deep content, the value of providing premium options for your backers, and why true game development happens on the cutting room floor. We play the Game Design Challenge and create a press-your-luck Halloween party game for the coward in all of us.

You can check out Dracula’s Feast on Kickstarter at:

You can also learn more about Jellybean Games on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also listen to Peter on his podcasts: Being Honest with my Ex and Let’s Write a Movie.

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