Episode #41 – Abandon Planet

The meteors are hurtling toward earth. Your rocket is nearly done, but it only has two seats. How will you decide who to take with you? Easy – political intrigue! In this week’s episode, we speak with Don Eskridge, the legendary designer of The Resistance and Avalon, back with his own company, Orange Machine Games, and their first game, Abandon Planet.

During our conversation, we discuss how to design for intense social interactions, how to take feedback from your backers while maintaining a positive campaign, and how red and black ants may be the next hot component. We play the Game Design Challenge and create a social / political game of racing down a half-completed wormhole in space.

You can learn more about Abandon Planet on Kickstarter at:
Though you better hurry – there are only a few days left!

You can also connect with Orange Machine Games on their website and Facebook.

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