Episode #44 – ButtonShy Wallet Series, 2017 Quarter 1

What happens when you get not only one, not two, but three game designers on the show at once? Mass hysteria! In today’s episode, we speak with Rob Cramer, John du Bois, and Mitchell Shipman, three game designers from ButtonShy games, and the designers of Turbo Drift, Avignon: Pilgrimage, and Find Your Seats, respectively.

During our conversation, we chat about why on earth you would want to design a game with only 18 cards, why a completely failed playtest does not equal a completely failed game, and what the 10-10-10 rule is in game design (and why it will become the bain of your existence). We play the Game Design Challenge and create three completely unique games with three unique mechanics and really three unique themes, all from a single starting point.

You can learn more about these ButtonShy Wallet games on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with ButtonShy Games on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

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