Episode #46 – Tortuga 1667

There’s something magical about pirates – but it might not be what you think. It’s not the peg leg, or the buried treasure, or even their fascination with the letter R. No, the most magical part of being a pirate is that you can call for mutiny and throw your previous leader overboard at a moment’s notice. In fact, that sounds like the makings of a great game. In today’s episode, we speak with Travis Hancock, the founder of Facade Games, and the designer of the upcoming social deduction game, Tortuga 1667.

During our discussion, we chat about why you have to playtest the bad to find the good in your games, why the best marketing you can do for your game is making a great game in the first place, and why designing a social deduction game boils down to adding a bit of structure to the madness. We play the Game Design Challenge and create a combat food-fighting game that may need to license its IP.

You can learn more about Tortuga 1667 on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Facade Games on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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