Episode #50 – Bargain Quest

Why risk your neck going on adventures when you can make a fortune from the safety of your own home, selling adventuring equipment to the foolish heroes that visit your shop? In the bicentennial episode 50, we chat with Jonathan Ying, famed co-designer of Star Wars: Imperial Assault and DOOM The Board Game (among others), who is out with a new, self-published game – Bargain Quest.

During our conversation, we chat about how easy it is to start a career in tabletop game design with absolutely zero experience, why elegant game design is not always best way to go, and why leaning into player frustrations can sometimes lead to the most memorable moments. We play the Game Design Challenge and create a dexterity game for the mafia that requires some really difficult moral decisions.

You can learn more about Bargain Quest on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Bargain Quest Games on their website.

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