Episode #52 – Hardback

How do you deliver an expansion to one of the bestselling word games of all time? By throwing it away and starting from scratch – that’s how! In episode 52, we speak with Tim Fowers and Jeff Beck (yes – he just might be our regular host), the designers of Hardback (the “pre-quill” to Paperback).

During our chat, we talk about what sets word games apart (other than the obvious), why you have to separate what you did from who you are (for both good and bad), and why the most important element of a successful Kickstarter project is the product you are promoting. We play the Game Design Challenge and design a game even Miss Congeniality would appreciate.

You can learn more about Hardback on Kickstarter at:

You can also connect with Tim Fowers on his website and Twitter. Jeff Beck can be reached on Twitter or, you know, this site.

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