All about Your Tables on Fire!

Your Table’s on Fire! is a weekly conversation with the hottest tabletop game designers on Kickstarter. We discuss their new game and the process they took to create it. We talk theme, game mechanics, and even dig a bit into publishing. We’ll get to know the designers of the games you love and are backing. We’ll cringe at their pitfalls and revel in their triumphs. And most of all, we’ll laugh and carry on like a gaggle of school children.

Your Table’s on Fire! is the perfect podcast for game enthusiasts looking for the next Richard Garfield, for Kickstarter patrons deciding which projects to back, and for game designers looking for a sliver of inspiration.

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About the Host

Jeff Beck is the host of Your Table’s on Fire! Jeff is a tabletop gaming enthusiast and backer of dozens of new games on Kickstarter. He got the bug at age eight when he beat his uncles in the family Monopoly tournament (don’t judge – we all start somewhere). Now you’ll find Jeff around the gaming table on a nightly basis. Whether he’s trying to keep his kittens from exploding, conquering tiny (but very epic) kingdoms, or just lying through his teeth about his status as werewolf, Jeff loves games of all kinds and has a secret crush on game designers everywhere.